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Are you looking for Russian Companies, importers or exporters from Russia?

Mediazeta is proud to offer new databases where you can find new business partners from Russia.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many international business relationships have been destroyed and now companies are looking for new cooperation opportunities in different parts of the world.

When we published the first Russian Business Directory in 1998, it was intended as a media that will fulfil the need that then existed to publicize the names and the potentialities of the Russian companies.

The years have past and now Russian Economy reflected in major transformations. We have continued the task we undertook, having over time widened the scope of the publication to encompass the Russian business, Russian companies, their products and services, from all sectors of the Russian economy, from the traditional to the newest developing ones. It is also in that sense that we launched our Internet site which is just another step forward that brought us, and the Russian Companies, even closer to the right business contacts all over the world.

We will continue to provide the means to enable the contact between Russian manufacturers, exporters and importers, and those seeking their products and services. We are sure we can continue to play a useful role in the development of the Russian Economy.



It is our goal to help business from all over the world to get closer.

– Igor Alekseev, Vice-president of MediaZeta.

Exhibition Services

Each year MediaZeta organizes international exhibitions for foreign participants and expositions of Russian companies, seminars and other events.

If you are interested to sell your products on the Russian market, we would be pleased to present your products in our stands.