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The Russian Business Directory | MediaZeta - the Russian Business Directory, Russian companies directory

The Russian Business Directory

The Russian Business Directory – database of 1.5 million Russian companies in Russian and English language.

You will find using the Russian Business Directory extremely easy because of the wide search options by:

* Company
* Product
* Trademark
* Full postal Address
* Tel/Fax
* E-mail / Web
* Export Countries
* Name of the manager
* Turnover

The Russian Business Directory also includes:

1. Detailed information on exhibitions, which will take place in Russia during 2021 year.
2. Information on authorities; economic and geographical information for Russia.
3. List of special economic zones in Russia.

The price of the Russian Business Directory is 190.- EUR.

The directory can be downloaded from our server or we will send it to your postal address.

The directory comes in English and Russian language.

Any foreign purchase must be pre-paid by bank transfer.